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Velike Lašče

The cradle of Slovenian culture

Located in a soft, flowing landscape, a good 30 kilometres from the Slovenian capital, there lies the Municipality of Velike Lašče. It is the home of three great Slovenian writers: Fran Levstik, Josip Stritar and Primož Trubar. Therefore, Velike Lašče is rightly named the cradle of Slovenian culture.

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Trubar's Homestead

the birthplace of Primož Trubar was renovated in 1986, at the 400th anniversary of Trubar's death.

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Municipality of Velike Lašče

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"It doesn't have to be your hometown; it's enough that you've only inhaled this air for a few years. Never forget Velike Lašče! Let Laščan go anywhere, it doesn't matter: America, Siberia, Vienna or Belgrade. All those miraculous surroundings go with him. "

(Ivan Pucelj)

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